Presentation and opening [DOSMILVINT-I-U] [DOSMILVINT-I-TRES] = 1 encuentro

Dialogue between the curators, the person in charge of the mediation programme and the group of artists

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

On Thursday 8 June we will be presenting the exhibition [DOSMILVINT-I-U] [DOSMILVINT-I-TRES] = 1 encuentro, showing work made during the two years of this programme by the group of artists from the first edition of Art i Context. From 2021 to 2023 more than 25 proposals were carried out in the form of workshops, conferences, performances, mediations or collaborations in different spaces, inside and outside the museum and online, creating connections between different layers in Valencia and its context.

The members of this first edition of Art i Context are Diego Navarro and Darío Alva, Claudia Dyboski, Marina González Guerreiro, Álvaro Porras and M Reme Silvestre. In this presentation, the artists will explain their experience during the course of the programme along with the results of their work, accompanied by the director of IVAM, Nuria Enguita, the curators Ali A Maderuelo and Julia Castelló, and Elena Sanmartín, director of the Art i Context education and mediation programme.

This exhibition is one of many in our opening up of our programme, which is an open, non-conclusive process in which the momentum of works’s gestation can be seen as an element that generates meaning.



08 jun. 2023 – 05 nov. 2023
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

Visit “[DOSMILVINT-I-U][DOSMILVINT-I-TRES] = 1 encuentro”

08 jun. 2023 – 22 oct. 2023
MediationIVAM Centre Julio González