Party – Presentation “Articulacions. Programa d’estudis IVAM · UV · UPV”

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We invite you to accompany us in the presentation of ARTICULACIONS. Programa d’estudis IVAM · UV · UPV, a collaboration between the three institutions which aims to create an environment for learning and exchange in the city. ARTICULACIONS proposes turning the museum into a place from which to tackle the emergencies and uncertainty of today’s wounded world, which requires new methods of work and affection. A space that helps us to envisage between us other imaginations and options of being in the world.

In the presentation, the academic managers from the three institutions, together with some of the teaching team, will tell us the contents, methodologies and proposals of the ARTICULACIONS intervention in the museum. Afterwards, there will be space for a casual conversation with snacks, a celebration and dancing.

19.00 Articulacions. What is it, when does it start, what do I need to do to sign up?
19.45 Digestions. Refugee metabolisms by Migrant Chefs
20.15 The full song, with Víctimas Civiles & Taller Placer


Articulacions– IVAM · UV · UPV Study Programme

15 jun. 2022 – 04 sep. 2022
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La Canción total (The Full song)

08 jul. 2022
ArticulacionsOthersIVAM Centre Julio González