La Canción total (The Full song)

Performance by Víctimas Civiles & Taller Placer

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Friday, 20.15.

A song is always developed in a limited amount of time, it has a beginning and an end. In a song, music takes on a certain tone of urgency, a need to unleash all of its potential in the few minutes it lasts for.

In this performance, we play with repetition and duration. Our understanding of time depends on us understanding periodicity. Things come in cycles. A concert of just one song. A song that lasts an entire concert because it turns on itself to experience a continuous sound time and time again, and again, and again..

This performance is inspired by the piece “H” by Rosanayaris and Taller Placer.


Articulacions– IVAM · UV · UPV Study Programme

15 jun. 2022 – 04 sep. 2022
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