POLYGLOTTY. Narrative Laboratory.

Multilingual space for reading, speaking and writing. #IVAM35

PoliglotiaWorkshopsIVAM Centre Julio González

All languages ​​contain different ways of expressing similar feelings, ideas, emotions. Based on the languages, cultures, knowledge and experiences contributed by the participants in the narrative laboratory, we will construct stories linked to the exhibition popular, curated by Pedro G. Romero. Reading, orality and writing will be the axes around which the sessions revolve, which aim to generate a space for mediation and creation in the museum through the oral and written word, as a continuation and development of the Escuela de Saberes Diversos . A space that summons other imaginaries and other crossed stories. At POLIGLOTÍA we invite you to participate in this laboratory for experimenting with polyglot narratives arising from a global, transversal and multilingual conversation.

January 23 and 30, 2024
February 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2024
March 5 and 12, 2024




01 nov. 2021 – 09 jul. 2024
PoliglotiaIVAM Centre Julio González

POLIGLOTÍA. Escuela de saberes diversos. 23

07 feb. 2023 – 27 jun. 2023
PoliglotiaWorkshopsIVAM Centre Julio González