OthersIVAM Centre Julio González

The PAM! PAM! Exhibition is a continuation of the PAM! Program, which aims to present emerging art by alumni of the Masters in Artistic Production and Visual Arts and Multimedia (UPV). A committee of experts selects 10 artists who after a year of work display their work, coordinated by the Master in Cultural Management (UPV-UV). The works presented in this fourth edition are diverse and answer to the different positions of the art of nowadays. We find painting, projections, drawings, videos, sound pieces, performance and installations. Likewise, the topics covered are very diverse, although they concur at certain common points such as those related to identity, the distortion of reality and its image, and the questioning of one’s artistic practice or the artist’s precarious situation.
This exhibition aims to offer a work space in which the first steps of artists whose work begins to make a hole in the complex contemporary creation panorama. For those artists, it is a challenge to face an institutional exhibition demands like this one, which is a necessary work to continue tackling new creative challenges, against the difficult perspectives with which, in general, Contemporary art and, in particular, the younger art dealt with.

Artists: Ana Ciscar, Carlos Correcher, Marina González, Valentina Henríquez, Marina Iglesias, Rubén Marín, Inma Mendieta, Agustín Moreno, Marta Negre and Sonia Tarrazona.

Expert Committee: Fermín Jiménez Landa, Johanna Caplliure, Sandra Moros, Isabel Pérez, José Gandía Blasco, Javier Molins and Ricardo Forriols

Curator: José Luis Clemente
Coordination IVAM: Marta Arroyo Planelles
Coordination (Master of Cultural Management UPV-UV): Ana Jiménez, Edurne Vaello, Julia Herráiz, María Alós, Omar Cervera and Sara Torralba.