Oasis of Serenity. Laura Ramírez


TheatreIVAM Centre Julio González

Radicantes is a space for experimentation, research, observation and debate on performative practice.

The artists invited to this edition of Radicantes 2022-23 will be Laura Ramírez, Paz Rojo and Elena Córdoba.

A conversation between/with the three guests is scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023

Oasis of Serenity. Laura Ramírez
December 12 – 16, 2022 On Friday 16th she will conduct a demonstration of her research.

This proposal is an intersection between choreography, movement, narrative and sound. An oblique path, a deviant decision. Remaining in the investigation while it is being carried out. Incarnated voices and sound bodies that echo in space through a character called serenity rave. Where does the word end and the body begin? Where does your language come from? What’s its heartbeat? Alongside this, techno music (accompanist in my last works and fundamental part of my research), arises to make the body and memory coincide; to produce a sensory environment through which, perhaps, a rumour could emerge, another language… It is about proposing an investigation whose edges are full of cracks and fissures through which to be sneak, using the fragmentation and the unfolding of the body to open an intermediate space, for its narratives and images; to resignify all the time. So much so, that I might disappear. Navigate over the traced tension lines. Be in the middle. A game where ruin is the landscape that desperately invades the body of expectations, its speed and its actions.

From an opaque rock, clear water gushes forth.
The solid bowl contains the clarity. Drink, traveler. Pay attention. Drink.
Ursula K. LeGuin. Hard Words, The Eternal Homecoming.

Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh (Madrid, 1988). Choreographer and dancer. She works through dance, sound and choreography. Her practice focuses on intermediate spaces, sound, images and science fiction, using them to think about ways of doing and investigating languages of movement that escape the known forms, generating intermediate places where new logics can emerge, logics that separate us from established and capitalised systems of thought and get closer to the body’s perception and intuition. Graduate in physical theatre from the Royal School of Dramatic Art, she studied dance and choreography in the cities of New York, Paris and Amsterdam in schools such as Martha Graham School or SNDO.

In 2014 she created the collective Twins Experiment with Ainhoa Hernández Escudero. She has collaborated on pieces by María Jerez, Cris Blanco, Xavier Le Roy, Marten Spångberg, Adriano Wilfert, Sara Manubens, Esther Rodríguez Barbero, Andrea Zavala Folache, Lucas Condró, Claudia Pagès, Quim Bigas, Javi Cruz and Aitana Cordero among others; and four years ago she started in the world of DJ-ing as a practice that both sustains and complements her work, constituting an important factor within her research (https://soundcloud.com/sealaura/tracks).

Alongside her work, which mainly takes place in Madrid, Barcelona and France, she teaches workshops, movement classes and helps in the creative processes of different artists and collectives; she generates study spaces such as MovLab at La Casa Encendida or EL CLUB (reading club) at the Teatros del Canal; she creates a sport to disappear, music and texts together with Andrea Zavala and works in the education and mediation department of the Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

She has shown her latest creations and collaborations in France, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, and Spain.



Radicands. Dance and other species

12 dec. 2022 – 21 jan. 2023
TheatreIVAM Centre Julio González