“Nature and its tremblings”, Societat doctor Alonso

An invitation to view the Barrio del Carmen in another way

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La naturaleza y su temblor (Nature and its tremblings) is a site-specific intervention mechanism, a stroll-visit with pauses that attempts to reveal ‘another reality’ through the tools of theatre, the body, thoughts and cinema, awakening new opportunities for perception in the participants.

This project from the Societat doctor Alonso consists of a walk during which the spectators perceive reality through observation, as well as in what they hear and perceive through an audio device. During the walk, different stops will be made at predetermined locations within an itinerary that, in Valencia, has been designed in close collaboration with the institute next to the museum, the IES Barri del Carme. As a result of the process of investigation, the project will culminate in a stroll-visit performance around Ciutat Vella accompanied by the artists, which is open to the public.

Authorship: Tomàs Aragay (director), Sofia Asencio, Chus Domínguez and Idoia Zabaleta (directors), with production by Imma Bové.

The Societat doctor Alonso is a company directed by Tomàs Aragay (theatre director and dramatist) and Sofia Asencio (dancer and choreographer). From the concept of displacement, of placing something out of its place, whether this refers to an area or its own space, they enquire into how this displacement modifies language both in its grammatical construction and in how an observer may read it: it is about displacing something in order to reveal it.

Co-production: Festival GREC of Barcelona, Morae Danza and the Societat Doctor Alonso, with support from the Basque Government, the Catalan Government, INAEM and the Ramon Llull Institute.

Itinerary design: students of the 1st year Baccalaureate in Art at the IES Barri del Carme, with coordination provided by the teacher, Rosanna Soler Minguet (Philosophy Tutor).

Further information: educacio@ivam.es

Useful date
Dates:: Saturdays 14 and 21 May at 6 p.m.
Sundays 15 and 22 May at 12 p.m.

Duration:: 1 hr 30 mins approx.

Meeting point: The terrace at IVAM.

It is important that you wear comfortable shoes for the walk.


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