Motors de Creació (Motors of creation)

An approach to creative processes

TheatreIVAM Centre Julio González

The project Motors de Creació was set up in 2019 in Catalonia by the Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalunya-APdC. In its three editions it has focused in different ways on sharing and a dialogue on the creative processes of dance artists, and/or other artists from the performing arts because of their specific interest, as well as broadening the focus on creation.

The Associació de Professionals de Dansa de la Comunitat Valenciana which will establish its own modus operandi while linking to the project already underway in Catalonia.

The Motors de Creació activities at IVAM are articulated as the materialisation that starts from a dialogue with the artists chosen for the edition on their creative processes, which include different formats.

This dialogue has been established between the curator of the project in Valencia, Santiago Ribelles, and the two chosen Valencian artists or artist collectives: Julia Irango and Jorge Nieto, on the one hand, and Norberto Llopis, on the other. At the same time, another less intense dialogue has been established with one of the four artists chosen by the curators of the AdC, who will also participate in Valencia: Azkona & Toloza.

The aim is to open up a sensitive space within the artistic community and for the public, in the form of a monster, a heterogeneous amalgam of the artists’ areas of affection that brings us closer to the world of creation, but without closing it inside a ruminative, analytical synthesis, that is disconnected from the complex motors of the processes of artistic creation.

Wednesday, November 23, at 17:30 h

Inauguration – Map of affections

With the opening of the conference, Jorge Nieto, Julia Irango and Norberto Llopis will share a series of actions, not strictly related to one another, which reveal some of their affections at the moment of creation and which may be articulated in relation with the concepts of operation, assemblage and ritual..

Thursday, 24 of November, at 17:30 h

There is no creative act

In this performance-conference, Norberto Llopis, using archival material from his previous works, through actions and the use of objects and speech will aim to identify his artistic practise from the concept of Operation.

Friday, 25 of November, at 18:30 h

There is no authority

Jorge Nieto and Julia Irango will outline a picture of their transdisciplinary coexistence and their communal artistic creation, through conversations in between practices, contrasting referents and objects. They understand their joint work to be something that lies in between them both, highlighting the fact that it does not entirely belong to either of them. What they will share is precisely this one-way road with no return.

Saturday 26 November at 12:00 h


The names of the protagonists have not been changed

After years immersed in archives in search of the stories and data that narrate the spread of old colonies throughout Latin America and Africa, now AzkonaToloza have decided to dive into their own archives. Not from the viewpoint of the untouchable and sacred fetish, but from the vitality of the action involved in diving into the boxes that contain the memories of their latest journeys. From the geographical and mental maps that indicate the routes followed, to the albums that collect the photos so often reconstructed using their own bodies; from the recordings of conversations that have been transformed into the verbatim presented on stage; or the filing cabinets of documents to the fanzines and publications that have been the basis of their documentary projects. The invitation is to go through them all together.

Saturday 26 November at 17:30 h


In a dialogue with the curator the three creators/collectives of creators will establish some ideas on how to discuss artistic creation from their own perspective and in relation to the perspective of others.

Norberto Llopis

Norberto is a choreographer and performer, working at the boundary of dance and thought. He graduated in Dance and Choreography at the Institut del Teatre; he holds a Master in Performing Arts at DasArts, Amsterdam; a Degree in Philosophy at the UNED; a Master’s in advanced studies in Philosophy at the Universidad Complutense and is currently working on his doctoral thesis on “aesthetics in the thought of Derrida and Deleuze” at the Universitat de Barcelona. Norberto has developed his work between Barcelona, Brussels and the Netherlands. This artist’s practice ranges from working with, and on the body, to the use of objects and materials for the construction and reflection on space. In his approach to philosophy, he tries to develop a practice of non-theorising thinking on space and the signs under which it is established. His work has developed in the form of stage pieces, performances, installations, lectures and texts, in Spain, Brussels and Holland. Norberto has participated in creative processes with artists such as Carolien Hermans, Paz Rojo, Diego Gil, Jefta Van Dinther, Nada Gambier, Rafael Tormo and Vicente Arlandis among others.

Julia Irango

Julia Irango is a creator and performer. She is currently developing her project Ningú morirà després de mi a cross-disciplinary work with the architect Jorge Nieto. This project stems from her previous solo work Thisness and has been funded by La Caldera in Barcelona, Graners de Creació in Valencia or El Centro Párraga in Murcia. For her previous work, La tragedia no es pa tanto she was nominated as Outstanding Creator in the 2021 APDCV awards.

As a performer she has worked with creators such as Norberto Llopis (Máquinas, 2022), Aurora Diago (Ok, Boomer, 2021-2022) ç, Pere Faura (Réquiem Nocturn, Grec 2020), María Cabeza de Vaca (Catástrofe, 2020 and La Furia, 2022), Guillermo Weickert (Tocar con·mover, 2019) or Eva Redondo (Cuidado con el perro, 2019). In December she will make her debut as an improviser with the team of Si los martes fueran viernes in the Mercat de les Flors. In 2016, together with her colleagues, she started the Valencian company Dunatacà, and is part of the production MUUchachitas or Seyahat. Julia Irango studied Choreography and Performance at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Valencia and Contemporary Dance Performance at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid. She is also trained as a musician, actor and in new dramaturgy.

Jorge Nieto

Jorge Nieto is an architect from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, who combines his work with a creative practice in the field of the performing arts with Julia Irango, with whom he has premiered a full-length piece. He has recently collaborated with companies such as Societat Doctor Alonso and Norberto Llopis. His scenography work and research often address issues and controversies related to machines, artefacts and programming.


Located at the intersection between the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees and the Atacama Desert, Laida Azkona Goñi and Toloza Toloza-Fernández are an artistic couple dedicated to the production of living arts projects.

The couple are interested in the infinite possibilities of poetry and visual anthropology, video creation, performance and movement. Their latest creations focus on the re-reading of official history and the creation of documentaries designed for the stage. The stage is understood to range from the hall of an opera house to the immensity of the Andean plateau’s salt flats.

Among other festivals, their works have been presented at the Grec Festival in Barcelona, the Festival d’Automne in Paris, La Bâtie Festival in Geneva, Mirada de Santos, Romaeuropa in Rome and Temporada Alta in Girona.