Live Performance and Workshop Tecnometrías

The museum mode of us

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Workshop Tecnometrías

The objective of this workshop is to help broaden our vision of the exhibition space in relation to the work but mainly in relation to ourselves as consumers of art. The main tool will be the Tecnometrías action along the course will develop the artist Solimán López in an open public space of the museum.

The action proposes a series of measurements of spatial and conceptual character that will live analyze concepts such as employment-unemployment; empty architecture full-architecture; work-spectator; time-motion; thought-feeling … from which, Aitziber Urtasun made a theoretical analysis of the importance of the void in art from the early twentieth century to contemporary art. The training will always have a critical and reflective character.



Friday from 16:30 h. to 19:30 h.

Saturday from 11:00 h. to 19:30 h.

Sunday from 11:00 h. to 19:30 h.


The museum modes of use

With this generic heading we include a series of actions that reflect on the physical or virtual spaces of the IVAM, from “operating instructions” (Perec dixit) to the explicit modes use the spaces that make up a museum, some of which are not the most recognizable and symbolic. The museum cycle modes of use will be offering visions and interpretations of the importance of place and space, their occupations or concealment within a contemporary museum.