Guided tours to the exhibitions April 2018

VisitsIVAM Centre Julio González

Guided tours to exhibitions by Pilar Martínez, BA Art History and Verónica Francés, artist and BA Fine Arts


Pilar Martínez
Sunday April 1st MIRÓ, order and disorder (at 11.00 am)

Verónica Francés
Saturday April 7th PLEASE COME BACK. The world as prision?
Sunday April 8th PLEASE COME BACK. The world as prision?

Verónica Francés
Saturday April 14th The birth of abstraction

Pilar Martínez
Sunday April 15th RÓDTXENKO

Verónica Francés
Saturday April 21st The birth of abstraction
Sunday April 22nd The birth of abstraction

Verónica Francés
Saturday April 28 Against the tide

Pilar Martínez
Sunday April 29th RÓDTXENKO


Joan Miró, order and disorder

15 feb. 2018 – 17 jun. 2018

The birth of abstraction

20 jul. 2017 – 21 oct. 2018

Case study: Ródchenko

13 mar. 2018 – 26 aug. 2018