/Empty/Hands Concert, with Luis Azcona

Festival Ensems 2022

MusicIVAM Centre Julio González

Sunday September 18, 12.00 / 17.30.

IVAM is taking part in the 44th edition of the Ensems Festival, organized by the Valencian Institute of Culture, presenting the /EMPTY/HANDS concert with Luis Azcona

The concert and program presented at the Ensems Festival 2022 involves the presentation of the final version of the /EMPTY/HANDS project, which started in the strict lockdown of 2020 with the Mani.Mono, by Pierluigi Billone, and which awakened the interest of musician Luis Azcona “because of the physical manipulation of sound and the poetic-choreographic play of hands”.

The commissioning of the pieces by Alberto Bernal and Helena Cánovas throughout 2021 takes shape and makes sense today thanks to the support of the festival in commissioning the first piece of the program.

A chameleonic piece which adapts to the circumstances of each of the spaces in which it is scheduled thanks to the use of original video creations that also serve as audiovisual installations between works, showing the conceptual unity of the concert.

Ensems 2022 première, result of the Valencian Institute of Culture’s commission with Helena Cánovas (Tona, Barcelona, 1994)
Mani.Mono (2007) Pierluigi Billone (Italy, 1960). 22 min.
(Neo)liberal sytems #4: Entertainment (2021) Alberto Bernal (Madrid, 1978)

Luis Azcona is one of the youngest percussionists and most committed to newly created music. Proof of this is his close collaboration with composers such as Alberto Bernal, Wojtek Blecharz, Yiran Zhao, Michael Maierhof, Yesid Fonseca or Arturo Corrales. He has also premièred works by Voro Garcia, Marina Picaporte, Ch. Spitzenstaetter, Wataru Mukai, Gemma Ragués and David Julián Carrillo. In his /Empty/Hands he delves into the physical approach to the creation of sound, debuting pieces by Helena Cánovas (commissioned by the Valencian Institute of Culture) and Alberto Bernal.


Institut Valencià de Cultura