Talk by Natalya Serkova about “An exercise in violence”+ Presentation of the exhibition publication

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

The project by Guillermo Ros An exercise in violence links several narrative and conceptual lines: the issue of the artist’s institutional integration, the issue of violence, present in the project as an indicator of the possibility of movement and change, and the allusions to certain historic events that appear vaguely but persistently in the design of the exhibition. In her talk, Natalya Serkova will seek to identify and discover these connections, in order to speculate how a project can bring together such seemingly different issues like the French Revolution, the phenomenology of artistic production, the behavior of rats and love.

Introduction by Julia Castelló (Barcelona, 1992), art historian and independent curator. Together with Ali A. Maderuelo, she has been the co-founder of the self-managed space A10 (Valencia) since 2019. She was the associate curator and publications officer at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art (Valencia, 2017-2021). She has co-curated, also with Maderuelo, the exhibitions «Can’t Speak for Itself» at La Casa Encendida (Madrid, 2018), “Hoy puede ser tu día” (Espai Tactel Toormix, Barcelona, 2021), “Fauna de las Cuatro Torres” by Amalia Ulman (Centre del Carme de Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, 2021) and “Una cruzada de pasiones” (House of Chappaz, Valencia, 2021). Currently, they form part of the curatorial team of IVAM’s Art and Context Program.

Natalya Serkova (1988, Rusia). Philosopher and art theorist, currently living in Moscow. She graduated in Philosophy at the RSUH in Moscow. She is the co-founder of TZVETNIK, a platform that explores and promotes contemporary art from all over the world. Her book, What can be given (“То, что может быть дано”), written in the genre of “fiction theory”, was published for the first time in 2017 in Russian. She is a contributor of Moscow Art Magazine, e-flux magazine, RevistaArta, isthisit?, OFluxo and other media focused on contemporary art. Currently, her research focuses on the fields of the aesthetics of objects, the latest perspectives of the phenomenology and philosophy of art.

PRESENTATION OF THE PUBLICATION An exercise in violence, with texts by Natalya Serkova and Julia Castelló.

* Natalya Serkova will connect with IVAM online, where those present in the auditorium may raise other issues in addition to those raised by the artist, Guillermo Ros, and the moderator, Julia Castelló. It will be simultaneously interpreted in English – Spanish.


An exercise in violence. Guillermo Ros

07 oct. 2021 – 06 feb. 2022
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González