Rosa Torres / Serie Paisaje, 1979

Landscape Series, 1979
Acrylic on canvas
110 × 180 cm


Rosa Torres (València, 1954)

Rosa Torres got steeped in the Valencian cultural scene of the 70s, sharing experiences with some of her training partners at the San Carlos School of Fine Arts. It is at this time that she collaborates with Equipo Crónica.

Torres has created her own style, very recognisable by the public, to which she incorpo-rates pop art elements. Landscape is the main theme in her work; it is interesting to point out her particular way of introducing the observer into the environment of this landscape. One of the ever-present features in the artist’s work is the great weight she gives to colour; large flat stains can be seen on her canvases shaping a painting that plays between figuration and abstraction. Since the 1970s, her work has been organised into extensive series that name each of the works that make them up. She does not follow a chronological order when facing these series. This work has been part of the IVAM collection since 1994.

Irene Bonilla