Press Call

València. The director of the IVAM, Nuria Enguita, the curator, María Jesús Folch, and the Director of Distribution of the Eastern Territorial Network of Banco Sabadell. Ramón Satorra, will present the exhibition: MECHANICAL AND TECHNICAL IMAGINARIES IN THE IVAM COLLECTION, next Wednesday, March 10 at 11.00 am, with a tour of the exhibition.

The exhibition will occupy galleries 4 and 5 of the museum and has the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation. It brings together works by nearly 300 artists who created imaginary capable of reflecting the spirit of the industrial culture. The exhibition is a journey to understand the influence of the machine on humanity from the 20th century onwards and its impact on the art world, always open to the incorporation of new materials and languages. The list of artists includes leading figures of the creative scene with which it is intended to value and publicize the rich heritage preserved by the museum.

This project is complemented by a documentary exhibition in the Library Hall entitled Apuntes sobre abstracción geométrica en España (Notes about geometric abstraction in Spain). The materials confirm the importance of abstract art and its geometric aspect in the Spanish art scene of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century.

  • Wednesday, 10 March 2021
  • 11.00 a.m.
  • Gallery 4 and 5 of IVAM. Guillem de Castro, 118. Valencia