Mercè Ibarz. El País


Jean Dubuffet. A barbarian in Europe
Gallery 1. IVAM. 2019

Some of the best exhibitions I have ever seen were at IVAM. They are part of the sentimental education that supports me: in every sense. Among the old ones, “Childhood and Modern Art,” by Carlos Pérez, hosted in 1998, is most present in my mind. Out of the more recent ones, Dubuffet’s “A barbarian in Europe”, because of Baptiste Brun’s point of view, which seems premonitory to me right now, and because of the combination of the art centre and the artist in a contemporary tone. “It would seem museums and public are lunatics aware of what they see,” I wrote on purpose. This is the work to be done today, and tomorrow, I should say.

Mercè Ibarz
El País