Indications for visitors to the IVAM

To guarantee you an enjoyable, safe visit to the IVAM Centre Julio González, please take into account the following recommendations for individual and group visits and organized activities.

  • A ticket is required for visits to the IVAM Centre Julio González, issued by our reception staff. It can also be purchased on our website. Please show your ticket to our security staff when requested.
  • Tickets for group visits must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance on the museum website and must show the time and date of your visit. The IVAM provides lockers for the personal belongings of visiting groups.
  • For your safety and the smooth functioning of your visit, groups must comprise a maximum of 30 members, one of whom must be responsible for the group. Educational groups may include up to 30 members, or the specific number indicated for a particular activity.
  • The price and conditions of entrance, services and activities provided by the IVAM are published and updated on our website as well as other media and information channels.
  • Persons under 12 years old who do not enter the musuem as part of a group or specific activity must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Family activities organized by the IVAM are organized for families to enjoy different ways of making art. This means that they are not conceived for children only, but for children in the company of adults. Children may therefore not be left alone at programmed activities.
  • To enable us to close the museum at the programmed time, we begin emptying our rooms five minutes before closing time, except for visits and activities programmed outside the normal museum hours.
  • Should any room be closed for maintenance or other servicing, the public will be duly informed.
  • To guarantee a safe visit for visitors and the artworks on exhibit, no sharp or cutting objects will be admitted into the museum premises. Laser pointers are also not allowed. Animals except for guide dogs or therapeutic animals are prohibited from entry.
  • For security reasons, umbrellas, bags, rucksacks or similar objects must be stored in the museum lockers, which are free for visitors. Small lockers measure 35 x 45 x 48.50 cm; large ones 35 x 66 x 48.50 cm. Personal objects and items of clothing deposited in the lockers must be retrieved before museum closing time. The IVAM will not be held responsible for items stored in the lockers.
  • Should any visitor lose their locker tab, ownership of the ítems in the locker must be proven by a detailed description.
  • While in the museum galleries, the passage of other visitors must be facilitated at all times, including educational or cultural groups or those taking part in any activities. The security lines on the ground must be respected at all times, and the correct distance from the works of art observed. This guarantees that the IVAM can be a space for all and for cultural exchange.
  • Should we be forced to evacuate the premises, visitors should remain calm and leave the building in an orderly manner, following staff indications and the emergency signals.
  • Unless express authorization is obtained from the museum, in order to conserve the works on exhibit, any drawings or notes made by visitors in the museum galleries must be made in pencil on paper.
  • Photographs may not be taken in the IVAM unless otherwise indicated at the entrance to the centre or rooms, for copyright reasons. Flashes, tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed. Any other photography or video recording requires express authorization of our Communications department. This can be obtained by contacting  
  • Any food or drink should be consumed at the IVAM cafeteria or outside café. Consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in the galleries or hallways. Breastfeeding is exempt from this rule, as are children under 2 years old.