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Spanish painting in the IVAM collection

CollectionIVAM Alcoi

The exhibition presents a journey into the evolution of Spanish painting through the IVAM Collection. One of the main assets in the Spanish painting collection of the IVAM is a set of works by artists who followed Informalism in Spain, represented by Juan Francés, Antoni Tàpies, Manolo Millares and Antonio Saura. Abstract paintings by Valencian artists are also presented, with the founders of the Parpalló Group in 1956 like  Jacinta Gil and Joaquín Michavila, as well as the New Realism of Eduardo Arroyo and Equipo Crónica. The selection includes works by relevant artists in the history of Spain’s contemporary painting:  Pablo Palazuelo, Albert Ràfols-Casamada, Soledad Sevilla and Jordi Teixidor, as well as representatives of the new pictorial trends such as José Manuel Broto, Carmen Calvo, Miguel Ángel Campano, Susy Gómez, Ferran García Sevilla and José M.ª Sicilia.