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Moisés Mañas

IVAM Produce

The artist and interactive designer Moisés Mañas (Elda, 1973) is presenting the installation Parlamento1#·. Un comportamiento irracional entorno a una estructura de entretenimiento. (Parliament #1. Irrational behaviour around an entertainment structure) in the area leading to the IVAMlab. In view of the particular nature of the location, a place with natural lighting that people pass through, the installation that is being presented is based on a physical audio-visual structure that during the coming months will grow and vary both in shape and size and in terms of the quantity of information displayed and collected from the environment in which it is located. The assemblage will build itself by means of software connected to a mobile structure that will use a series of algorithms and be fed by the light in the location and by the flows and presences of users and will gradually produce and create this entertainment “structure creature” and it will evolve and maintain itself to generate information and distract itself.