Federico Guzmán

At the edge of the world


At the Edge of the World is a specific project devised by Federico Guzmán (Seville, 1964) for IVAM’s gallery 6. It is an invitation to embark on a voyage of initiation that immerses us in the Mediterranean Sea and takes us down into our own roots, with the aid of Parmenides’s poem On Nature, written in the 5th century bc.

Accompanied by the philosopher from Elea, Federico Guzmán sets out on a journey of self-discovery that transforms the way we view our origins and that reawakens a forgotten element, the intrinsic spiritual knowledge of our Western cultural tradition. On the upper floor of gallery 6 there will be a collective mural on canvas, Posidonia oceánica, created in collaboration with immigrants associated with Sevilla Acoge and with students from the UPV’s Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, while on the lower floor there will be The Way of Being, a subterranean area of transformation, an underworld in which the visionary narrative of the pre-Socratic poem is developed.