Group visits in English

Tours in English of the museum's exhibitions

MediationIVAM Centre Julio González

With the intention of bringing the exhibitions and history of the IVAM closer to groups of foreign visitors, we offer this special visit in English, mediated by an authorized official guide, in which they tour, as a walk, some of the key exhibitions of the IVAM collection, as well as some of the most current ones.

The IVAM Sightseeing visit will allow the visitor to understand the origin and creation of the museum, get closer to the great names that make up the IVAM’s rich collection, made up of more than 14,000 works of art, among which the collections of the sculptor Julio González and the painter stand out. Ignacio Pinazo. The walk will activate the exhibition BE ARTIST. Julio González, in which you can see practically the entire work of the leading avant-garde sculptor in his work in iron and the exhibition Pinazo in the public space, an exhibition that presents and raises the relationship of the Valencian artist with the exterior space and shows a good part of his drawings, moving away from the academy and embracing his own style. The tour ends in gallery 1 of the museum, in the exhibition dedicated to the Nigerian artist Otobong Nkanga Craving for Southern Light. An exhibition that analyzes the notion of ‘earth’ as ​​a geological and discursive formation, often taking as a starting point the systems and procedures by which raw materials are excavated locally, processed technologically and distributed globally.

The visit aims to offer a generous overview of the museum to the visitor who, after it, can expand knowledge and concerns independently (thanks to publications, room texts or mediation texts in easy reading) or with the help of public programming and museum mediation.