Ángel Fernández. Jot Down


Case study: Equipo Crónica.
Gallery 3. IVAM. 2019

My favourite recent IVAM exhibition is “Case study: Equipo Crónica.” I was interested in learning how Fernand Léger’s work had influenced Equipo Crónica, which we had already briefly discussed in Jot Down as a result of the exhibition “Fernand Léger and modern life.” And any excuse is good to revisit the work of these Valencian artists, who are among my favourite. Equipo Crónica’s work stands out for perfectly combining social protest with the artistic avant-garde of the time. I find it fascinating how they can integrate such intelligent and combative messages into their work in an apparently simple and bright way. In that sense, Equipo Crónica are the 70s Bansky.
It is difficult to choose a favourite work among all those that IVAM has, but if I had to, I would choose The Kandinsky move.

Ángel Fernández
Jot Down