Educational workshop “Woeful Weapons. Josep Renau and Martha Rosler reacting to War” on sundays

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After the reception of the group, the guides of the workshop will carry out a brief visit to the exhibition, guided and commented. Next, into the workshop, they will make a little introduction about the collage technique and  it is proposed to create one in an spontaneous and personal way, with the materials available. The collage is based mainly on the manipulation of different materials used as raw material, such as newspapers, magazines, colored papers, and so on.
 Once the didactic acitivity has finished, each participant can take his own collage, his own interpretation about peace.



Woeful Weapons

05 feb. 2015 – 05 jul. 2015

Woeful Weapons. Josep Renau and Martha Rosler reacting to war

05 feb. 2015

Educational Workshop “In transit” on sundays

01 mar. 2015 – 28 jun. 2015