Videoart Cycle “Cruzo…luego existo” on the occasion of the exhibition “Between myth and fright. The Mediterranean as conflict”

OthersIVAM Centre Julio González

Curated by Juan Guardiola

In democracy, as opposed to dictatorships and absolute monarchies, sovereignty lies with the civilian population. However, far from being participative, our present democracy has become a power system distanced from ordinary citizens. Social citizenship is the status awarded to fully entitled members of a community, a status that includes a differential, exclusive element because it carries with it a privilege not enjoyed by non-members of the group. This is one of the paradoxes of the concept of citizenship, which represents integration and equality but also involves inequality. The video works presented here have characteristics connected with this concept of internal colonialism, especially in the case of immigrants, the citizens without rights that colonial relationships have created.


Between Myth and Fright

18 feb. 2016 – 12 jun. 2016