Own seat. Marina González Guerreiro and Sonia Tarazona

Writing from a logbook on an urban boat

Art i ContextWorkshopsIVAM Centre Julio González

Sonia Tarazona and Marina González Guerreiro

The proposal was born from the lack of space and time for oneself in cities, and outlines an exercise of automatic immersive writing on one of the public buses of Line C1 Centre Històric (Historic Quarter), starting from EMT bus stop 796 – IVAM. The activity is split into three parts: the collective reading of texts related with the topic and explanation of the activity; travel and writing from the logbook; anonymous reading from the logbook texts.

Sonia Tarazona (Castellón de la Plana, 1993) studied Fine Arts and the Masters in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. After several years working in cultural management in Valencia, she emigrated to London where she worked in the film industry and came into contact with the city’s anarcha-feminism movement, organising festivals like By Any Zines Necessary or the meet-up group for Latin migrant women, Café Collective. However, the Covid-19 crisis meant a shift in her education and she had to abandon her Masters in Art Theory at Goldsmiths London University to return to Spain, where she studied the Masters in Teaching at the University of Valencia. She is currently in charge of the La Figuera community teaching space at Escuela Meme and is in charge of the Gata Negra feminist fanzine, while also teaching comics and video games classes at the Ciclope Centre. Academy of Digital Arts, and she also prepares the publishing of Transmitiendo entusiasmo. Guía práctica para introducir el fanzine en las aulas.


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