Tour around Ciutat Fallera

VisitsIVAM Centre Julio González

On the occasion of the exhibition Cardiogram by the artist Lola Lasurt, we propose a visit to the Ciutat Fallera of València. We will be accompanied by Iván Esbrí, head of the Centre de Documentació del Gremi Artesà d’Artistes Fallers. In this tour we will visit the Museu del Gremi and some studios of falleros artists.

During the tour of the studios we will learn, from the artists, about the tradition and technique that surrounds the traditional work linked to the world of the fallas. A celebration that we understand as an exercise of diagnosis to the most immediate sociopolitical current situation. This year, this celebration is doubly suspended due to the pandemic.

At the Museum, we will visit the place where usually happens to be the ninot Democracia, a work by the fallero artist José Azpeitia. Currently, the artist has asked to move it to Gallery 6 of the IVAM as the central piece of the exhibition Cardiogram.


Cardiograma. Lola Lasurt

29 apr. 2021 – 19 sep. 2021
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González