Reflections of the Contemporary. A Common Continuum

In the framework of An Indefinitely Smooth Common Continuum. With El Conde de Torrefiel, Eva Brazo and Tono Vizcaíno, and Diana Guijarro

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As part of An Indefinitely Smooth Common Continuum. Screenings on the Contemporary in the IVAM Collection, curated by Diana Guijarro, we propose a number of activities, detours and connections with the exhibition. Specific actions designed in dialogue with the show and meetings with its curator, arising from the research and perspectives of our guest writers, and add new layers over time and different readings.

El Conde de Torrefiel with Si el meu cos esta nit parlara (If my body were to speak tonight) invite us to observe a body in movement, which narrates without speaking and, as it crosses the accidental scenography of the exhibition, is able to construct a different image, another possible story.

Eva Bravo y Tono Vizcaíno will ask us to take part in a dialogue between contemporary art and archaeology in a visit that will extend beyond the exhibition space to seek echoes and connections with some of the pieces on display at the Museu Arqueològic Municipal «Camilo Visedo Moltó».

Accompanied by Diana Guijarro and the exhibition publication, we will move between art and text, text and speech/images of speech, and possibly ask ourselves, is there a history behind this language? What empty spaces might be filled, or might arise?


Un contínuum común indefinidamente liso (An endlessly smooth common continuum)

10 jun. 2022 – 23 apr. 2023
CollectionIVAM Alcoi