Presentation of the photographic book “A chupar del bote” by Ximo Berenguer

OthersIVAM Centre Julio González

The IVAM added to his collection six photographs of Ximo Berenguer (Picanya, 1946) from the series “El Molino”, which were produced between 1974 and 1976 at the Barcelona Variety Hall.

The presentation will include the participation of:

  • Mira Bernabeu, artist and director of the Espai Visor Gallery in Valencia, curator of the Ximo Berenguer exhibition held at the Gallery focusing on the series “A chupar del bote”
  • Fernando Castro, critic and university professor.

This book sums up the recovery for the history of Spanish photography from the legacy of Ximo Berenguer, an author who died prematurely in 1978 at 32 years of age. Valencian by birth and Barcelona of adoption, Berenguer was an exceptional witness of the process of political transition, which documented from the trenches of the clandestine left, the marginal culture and, particularly, the Spanish Homosexual Liberation Movement. His work, reduced but intense, has been equated with the work of Anders Petersen in his Café Lehmitz: a humanism broken between tenderness and tear.