Presentation of the III International Conference of Aesthetic and Politics. “Metaphors of the Multitude” of the UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València), carried out by Miguel Corella and José Miguel G. Cortes.

SeminarsIVAM Centre Julio González

18:00.- Presentation carried out by Miguel Corella, Director of the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and History of Art, San Carlos School of Fine Arts of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and José Miguel G. Cortes, Director of the IVAM.

18:30.- Conference Antoni Negri. An Italian philosopher and thinker, postmarxist, well-known for being the co-author of the book Imperio, as well as his works on the figure of Spinoza.

19:30.- Conference by Judit Revel. Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Paris. She is a member of the laboratory Sophiapol, and of the science office of the Michel Foucault Centre.

With the crisis of the Nation state, of the collective imaginary of modernity and of the representation system of partisan politics, a ghost roams the whole world without completely acquiring a face. A multitude of anonymous people invaded the social and political scene creating new ways of organising themselves, based on the possibilities that the web 2.0, among other factors, opened up.