Exhibition presentation and opening: Aref El Rayess. Works (1958 – 1978)

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Presentation of the exhibition curated by Catherine David on the artist Aref El Rayess, showing works made from 1958 – 1978.

Aref El Rayess (Aley, Mount Lebanon, 1928 – 2005) was an artist who was involved in the political events of his time and homeland, Lebanon. He chose to militate in conflictive contexts with their own demands, before pursuing recognition in the art system.

Rayess’ work is that of an inspired seismographer who records the longings and frustrated hopes of an era through contrasting formal expressions which show an astoundingly free gaze and way of thinking.

This is the first European exhibition of his work.


Aref El Rayess. Works (1958-1978)

11 may. 2023 – 27 aug. 2023
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

Visit “Aref El Rayess. Obras (1958-1978)”

11 may. 2023 – 27 aug. 2023
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