Patrimonio acústico (Acoustic heritage)

Listening and socialization practices


Program as part of the exhibition Industry/ Matrices, threads and sounds.

The sound, music and the performance session proposes an exercise about sound archaeology that explores both the material and immaterial components of factory society. On the one hand, from elements such as the use of metals, sirens or industrial noises, the sonority of the raw materials, architectures and spaces linked to that reality. On the other hand, the immaterial processes within the program point towards elements such as music made by workers or cultural movements linked to machine or post-industrial music.

In this way, the project proposes to explore the elements linked to the performativity of sound, as well as its capacity to make socialization easy.

The program includes the following performances:

  • Flamenco y Máquinas (Flamenco and Machines) (1905-1928)
    A proposal that combines industrial sounds with flamenco sounds. Three dances, performed by the flamenco dancer Vicente Escudero (1888-1980), inspired by mechanical and machine noises, will be performed. Choreography and interpretation: Jesús Pérez Dolz (dancer) and Marc Moreno (percussionist).
  • Puerto de Sagunto Industrial. Marea de sirenas, voces y olvidos (Industrial Port of Sagunto. Tide of sirens, voices and oblivion).
    A proposal by Pedro Montesinos Blasco (Sagunt Territori Acústic) and Miguel Molina-Alarcón (Laboratorio de Creaciones Intermedia LCI) in which the original siren of the CSM will sound together with an “orchestra of sirens” distributed throughout the space of La Mutant, coming from closed factories, shipwrecks, anti-aircraft alarms of lost wars …, and the polyphony of human sirens.
  • Damià Llorens and Violeta Ausina
    Damià Llorens (We are not brothers) and Violeta Ausina will produce a new proposal in which they will mix industrial music and factory singing, with elements from the Industria archive.
  • Ana en pecado
    Dj/ Musician (Ana Espín)
    The session will be a sound collage of noise, metallic techno and broken rhythms. Styles such as EBM + a revision-nod to the “Bacalao Sound” of my memories of a year lived on the Valencian route will be played.


Industry/Matrices, threads and sounds

06 may. 2021 – 17 oct. 2021
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González