Meeting between different agents involved in the exhibition ‘Cardiograma’, by Lola Lasurt


On the occasion of the exhibition Cardiograma, by the artist Lola Lasurt, a meeting is organized between the people and entities with which the artist has generated a link throughout the process of the artistic research that the exhibition has involved. This activity pretends to make visible how the project coexists with other spaces outside the scope of the museum and to activate a space for dialogue between the different knowledge linked to each place, such as the Ciutat de l’Artista Faller, the Gremi Artesà d’Artistes Fallers or the Pirotècnia Nadal-Martí de l’Olleria, among others.


  • Iván Esbrí. Head of the Centro de Documentación de la Fiesta de las Fallas
  • Nuria Martí and Xavier Nadal Martí. Nadal-Martí Pyrotechnics
  • Vicent Vendrell Català. Mestre faller specialist in Fallas carpentry.
  • Paco Pellicer y Marisa Falcó. Mestre major and Mestra fallera, members of the group Fet d’encàrrec.
  • María José Luna. Mestra fallera and director of the Museu de l’Artista Faller.
  • Paula Finat. Representative of Colectivo Foko.
  • Gil-Manuel Hernández . Director of the Museus de Cultura Festiva de l’Ajuntament de València
  • Josep Vicent Frechina. Music and literary critic specialized in Valencian popular culture.
  • Mª Jesús Giménez Pinto. Mestra fallera specialist in cardboard figures.


Cardiograma. Lola Lasurt

29 apr. 2021 – 19 sep. 2021
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González