Lecture Daniel Canogar: The universal loom: from pre-columbian fabric to the algorithmic screen

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In recent years screens have acquired a huge presence in our daily lives. They have grown in size in our homes, they are embedded in consumer electronics such as watches and cell phones, and in public space we see them covering entire facades like a membrane.

“A visit to the stunning Amano collection of pre-Columbian textiles in Lima made me aware of the relationship of the contemporary screen with the textile tradition. Both generate images through visual intertwining, and although distant in time, both are surfaces used to represent a worldview of the world. As an artist who frequently works with screens, I begin to see a direct relationship of the internal wiring of screens to the threads and knots of a carpet or tapestry. This relationship allows me to see the screen not as a neutral window to the world, but as a cultural device that has a rich historical background.”

Daniel Canogar´s life and career have bridged between Spain and the U.S. He started with photography as his earliest medium of choice, receiving a M.A. from the New York University and the International Center of Photography in 1990, but he soon became interested in the possibilities of the projected image and installation art. He has created permanent public art installations with LED screens and has carried out numerous exhibition projects that have been presented in museums around the world.
More info here: http://danielcanogar.com/es/bio 


Mechanical and Technical Imaginaries in the IVAM Collection

11 mar. 2021 – 30 jan. 2022
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