Lectura Mutante Reading Group, based on the exhibition “Zanele Muholi”

Organised by 'Letra Salvaje'

OthersIVAM Centre Julio González

Nowadays, reading is a practice that involves the convergence of various media pertaining to literate culture, going beyond the printed book. It thus has at its heart a type of subject that adapts and changes constantly according to reading practices. We want to promote reading of the mutant subject, the implementation of mutant reading, activated according to the paradigm of printing capitalism as it grasps and multiplies the implications of the new parameters presented by literate societies of the 21st century.

The Lectura Mutante reading group is a program aimed at activating reading practices around the resonances generated by the interplay between the exhibits, the bodies that pass through them, and the museum’s library. We intend to open up the concept of “reading” until it loses the passive status that ties it to the product-book. We want to deconceptualize reading in order for it to spill beyond its confines and become something more practical, thus arriving at a way of reading that can continuously activate processes, discover resistances and generate open and mutant literate spaces.

We will work in bimonthly sessions based on conceptual itineraries that span the museum’s exhibitions. Our goal is to experience the full potential of a group reading practice understood as a performative and constituent process that operates via relationships with texts.

WHAT’S IN THE F**KIN ‘BOX. A mutant reading attempt


The sessions will be as follows:

    We will prepare a box with a bibliographic selection based on the inspirations, suggestions, influences, connections, lines of flight, etc., of the exhibition and we will leave it at the disposal of the participants. You can consult it in the library and even take a copy home, if the library allows it, which you will need to bring the day we meet. (Limited to one copy per participant.).
    C2/ You can expand the box’s selection with library funds if you know of any suitable work, or you can dive into the catalogue and choose a contribution to the selection from magazines, exhibition catalogues, books, DVD’s… Speak to the room staff to have it incorporated into the box.
    C3 / On session days, prior to starting, you can add a personal reference to the box.
  2. Development WHAT’S IN THE F**KIN ‘BOX.
    The session will take place based on the sharing of the selection of works that are in the box. It is not necessary to have consulted the contents of the box prior to each session, since our aim is that the dynamics be a processual reading experience, generated from the very act of sharing.
  3. Mutant memory. TRANSLECTURE
    We will set up a digital platform that serves as a repository for the sessions and functions as a common digital memory of transmedia references. A publication will be created at the end of all sessions using the material available. The mutant reading group is coordinated by Letra Salvaje (David Marote & Víctor Navarrete), a group whose activity is devoted to the emergence or disruption of alternative forms pertaining to the processes of reading, publishing and producing books.

1st SESSION. Mutations based on the exhibition “An exercise in violence. Guillermo Ros”
2nd SESSION. Mutations based on the exhibition “Essays on the crappy. Readings from the Miguel Benlloch Archive”
3rd SESSION. Mutations based on the exhibition “Anna Boghiguian. Sometimes, unexpectedly, the present meets the past”
4ª SESSION. Mutations based on the exhibition ” Zanele Muholi”

  • Mutations based on the exhibition ” Zanele Muholi”
  • Wednesday June 1st at 18h

Upon registering, participants will receive an email with additional information regarding the dynamics of the working group