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Poliglotía. Human Libraries with FUNTUN (Valencia Acoge)

The FUNTUN Group develops tools that visualize the various migratory realities using Human Libraries, meetings where we can “read” histories in the voices of the main characters. This pedagogical tool is based on participation, taking a close-up view of the migrants in our society, who share life stories the encourage reflection.

This initiative is developed from the awareness-raising department of the Valencia Acoge association, a caring space for intercultural learning and fighting against racism and uncaring individualism, that contributes to creating a better society through the participation and actions of native people and immigrants.
With participation from Joana Martins Do Santos (Brazil), Malika Ouchitachen (Morocco), Vivian Ntih (Nigeria), Oswaldo Vergel (Columbia), Fatima Guisse (Senegal), Katyuska Martínez (Venezuela), Jefry Pérez (Nicaragua), and Sushila Baral (Nepal).

Practical information

  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Aimed at: everyone.
  • Limited capacity.


Poliglotia 21/22

01 nov. 2021 – 17 jun. 2022
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