Making the golem

An introduction to speculative sculpture processes. (Modelling, moulding and reproduction)

Art i ContextWorkshopsIVAM Centre Julio González

Remote histories of ancient times speak of demiurges that kneaded clay and gave it shape and life. Modelling, which gives us the oldest traces of human beings, traces the history of human creation and accompanies the beginnings of speculative, religious and spiritual thought. In this gathering, Cayetano Truyols and Claudia Dyboski –artist from the Art and Context Programme- present a plastic dialogue with the public through modelling as a form of cognitive expression. Participants will be guided through the creative process of modelling / moulding / reproduction, and through the creation and figurative manipulation, towards their own personal golem, to which they will be able to give life.

Cayetano Truyols researches the transnational phenomena of the otaku culture in the era of digital nativism. The artist draws us towards the otaku philosophy and identity to unravel new imaginaries, different paths for political deconstruction and progression. His production is formalised in a context between sculpture and digital media. Some of his most recent exhibitions include: Emergency Gathering (Acud Macht Gallery, Berlin, 2022), Inter* Role Players (Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona, 2021), Recorda el foc d’agost (Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, 2019). He is the co-founder of Malpais, a space situated in Barcelona, managed by artists, which started to curate a programme of exhibitions at the end of 2021.