Genesis: Workshop on the Conceptualisation of Imagined Lives

Programa d’Art i Context

Art i ContextWorkshopsIVAM Centre Julio González

Diego Navarro and Darío Alva (from the Programa d’Art i Context), together with Laura Costas present Genesis: Conceptualisation of Imagined Lives, a two-part workshop on one of humanity’s oldest and most persistent imaginative exercises: speculation on fictitious ways of life and their life course. To do this, the first day will focus on the visualisation and analysis of fragments of cinematographic media, gameplay and literary media that deal with the representation of imagined beings and their relationship with natural environments and humanity. This leads to the second day in which some of the potential phases of development of an imagined being will be detailed, such as initial sketching processes, the use of tools and databases assisted by artificial intelligence for the iteration of initial ideas; sound manipulation processes to expand the personality of the imagined being and, finally, a look at examples from the world of video games where all these elements converge in simulations of imagined lives that awaken real emotions in us.

Laura Costas is a doll and artefact maker born in Vigo. Her work revolves around toys, childhood and violence with works such as Another foolish contender To die in the countryside or Demon baby has its mother eyes. Her output goes beyond sculpture, working also with sound, performance and paper media.