Fourth course: “Let’s talk about art”

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Fourth course: “Let’s talk about art” New ways of seeing, new imaginaries. Women artists in the IVAM Collection

The primary aim of the “Let’s talk about art” course is to provide an area for dissemination, rapprochement and debate about matters concerning contemporary art and culture. The course is organised as a series of talks and visits, with the particular feature of being given by the museum’s curators, thus revealing some of the research that is being conducted in this institution. The previous three courses concentrated on various conceptual aspects and trends in art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. This year the aim is to make women artists the central focus of these reflections.

The course consists of a total of eight session, taking the IVAM Collection as the starting point for generating these dialogues. It will provide a wide-ranging, heterogeneous view, highlighting artistic practices developed by women working with various supports and techniques and with various interests and perspectives.

Tuesday, 29 October. Sergio Rubira, Why have there not been great women artists?

Tuesday, 5 November. Ramon Escrivà, Women photographers (between) two wars

Tuesday, 12 November. María Jesús Folch, Woman under scrutiny. Tour of the exhibition Times of upheaval. Stories and microstories in the IVAM Collection

Tuesday, 19 November. Josep Salvador, Pioneers of transgression: women in the art avant-gardes

Tuesday, 26 November. Teresa Millet, Carmen Calvo

Tuesday, 3 December. Irene Bonilla, Meeting in the library. Publications by women

Tuesday, 10 December. Marta Arroyo, Identity and trauma. Gillian Wearing’s way of seeing

Tuesday, 17 December. Sandra Moros, Appropriationists

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Places limited, subject to capacity
A certificate of participation will be given to those who attend a minimum of 6 sessions