Fil per randa. Industria (Industry)

WorkshopsIVAM Alcoi
  • Day: Saturday, May 7th/li>
  • Time: 10:30
  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Capacity: 20 people

Edurne Vaello and Sara Sierra present the Fil per randa. The aim of the workshop is to try to discover, from memory, the role of women throughout the 20th century and the key elements that determined where and how they participated.

Some of its protagonists will be part of the activity, and they will talk to us about the industrial textile society of Alcoy from their point of view. The women’s work has been one of the essential pillars of Alcoy’s textile industry, both inside and outside of the factory spaces. Discovering the web of different factors that have defined this context is vital in order to understand it, but also to see these protagonists who have a voice, but all too often haven’t been listened to.

Edurne is currently completing her PhD at the University of Valencia and her area of study is linked mainly to the intangible heritage, feminism and memory. She is also an active member of various associative movements in l’Alcoià and Comtat, such as Teixidora, el Guaret or Moniàtic Festival.

Sara has a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Valencia and her interests have been linked to heritage and memory, and also the anthropology of conversation. She currently forms part of the management team of the Valencian Anthropology Association.