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EducationalIVAM Centre Julio González

The radio closing of the El Runrún project will be memorable

After an intense quarter that saw rumours, voices, and secrets being spread from the museum and from the classrooms throughout the territory, the students of Colegio Rural Agrupado El Pinar will share the memorable stories they have collected over the past months during a fun day of live radio broadcasting.

Part of the El Runrún project will be unforgettable, as part of L’IVAM AL TERRITORI’s educational action, the Colegio Rural de Alcublas e Higueruelas will be taking part in a type of radical demonstration of the small stories, personal anecdotes, and intimate experiences that turn the lives of people, and their communities, into an amazing story.

Because… what makes a story important? Who decides this?

If you don’t want to miss it, connect through this link from 11:30 a.m. on 20 and 21 December.

The day has come to reclaim these little stories!