They’re the dangerous ones. Female Sexual Initiative

As part of 'Teresa Lanceta. Weaving as open source.' IVAM en viu

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They do not walk but levitate. Their street earrings and dress tail are not ornaments but penknives. The heels that they wear are not high to make them taller, but to cut the distance that separates them from the sky. Their shoes are like the chairs of beach guards, but what they watch over are the looks of the males, the wooden walkways and the works in the IVAM. The room is more theirs than anyone’s: they are the dangerous ones.

The collective Female Sexual Initiative was born in 2017 in the self-managed social centre Can Vies, in Barcelona, with the desire to approach contemporary dance from a feminist, libertarian and anti-academic perspective. It is composed of Élise Moreau (France, 1992), Elisa Keisanen (Finland, 1988) and Cristina Morales (Spain, 1985).


Teresa Lanceta. Weaving as open source

07 oct. 2022 – 16 apr. 2023
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