El Berenar– Art and Context Program with Álvaro Porras, Gema Quiles and Ana Císcar

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

This fourth edition of El Berenar is proposed as a gathering in which the invited artists –Álvaro Porras (artista del Programa), Gema Quiles and Ana Císcar– organize a dialog based on their interests and some of the aspects that unite them.

El Berenar is an activity that is proposed as an informal encounter for presenting the projects of artists, authors and agents that have a Valencian context. In each edition, two invitees, along with one of the artists forming part of the Art and Context Program, will talk in turn about their projects and interests.

The event will take place on Thursday February 10, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Álvaro Porras displays his work thru the permutation of symbolic and somatic codes in line with experiential and emancipatory practices of art within an urban context. With the intention of creating a historiographical account, his work echoes thru painting and graphics, as a response to the process of writing, towards the concepts of minimal action and intervention.

Gema Quiles lives and works in Valencia. Focused on painting and sculpture, her work deals with the reinterpretation of reality and the creation of new spaces. These are individual and personal spaces relating to her development, which emerge from the escape from a hostile environment. As reference, she uses resources found in nature and in landscapes, creating a personal language through the use of repetition and synthesis.

Ana Císcar is a visual artist who works and lives in Valencia. Her art training focuses mostly on figurative painting in which she explores concepts related to the documentary image, the representation of violence and the politics of visibility. Thru montage work, the images she uses to recompose and juxtapose her work become blurred, using a distinctive deconstructive strategy which enables a rethinking of the images used by the artist.


Art and context programme

18 nov. 2021 – 05 oct. 2023
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