Educational Workshop “The red line”

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The didactic workshop “The Red Line. Spanish abstract art in the IVAM Collection” is based on the works by artist Joan Brossa that are displayed in the exhibition under the same name, focusing on his calligrams and visual poems. The table on which participants will work has the shape of letter A and is painted red. On it newspaper cuttings will be used as the basic material for the workshop. Letter A is the letter par excellence in Brossa’s art. Participants will work on visual poems and a kind of poetry in which the image, the visual arrangement of the text, techniques and materials are important in the composition. This kind of non-verbal poetry is a unique genre in the field of experimental arts. Students will be provided with templates with letters, with which they will be able to work on the alphabet, and some newspapers, from which they will be able to extract images, words and typography. Then they will work independently to create their own compositions with crayons on DIN A4 cardboard. When the activity is completed, they can take their works home. Throughout the workshop it will be possible to listen to music by the composer Josep M. Mestres Quadreny, who worked with the artist on many an occasion.

The workshop lasts 1h. 30 min per group.
These workshops are addressed to all types of public: students, adults, occupational centres, etc.