Conversation on the occasion of the exhibition “Case study. Equipo Crónica”


Conversation participants: Teresa Millet, curator of the IVAM and curator of the exhibition, the artist Rosa Torres and Juan Vicente Monzó.

“All artists bear the imprint of their time,” Matisse wrote in 1908, “but the great artists are those in whom this is most profoundly marked” This quotation serves as a preamble for this case study, which explores the relationships between works by Fernand Léger and Jean Dubuffet, artists to whom the IVAM is devoting solo shows as part of the celebration of its 30th anniversary, and works by Equipo Crónica in the IVAM Collection.
The exhibition will also include works by Equipo Crónica from other collections which use and adapt some of the most recognisable characteristics of the two French artists.


Equipo Crónica

20 jun. 2019 – 08 sep. 2019
Case studyIVAM Centre Julio González