Conversation between the artist Lola Lasurt and Nuria Enguita

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

Conversation about the presentation of the exhibition Cardiogram, between the artist Lola Lasurt and its curator Nuria Enguita.

Cardiogram is the new project that the artist Lola Lasurt specifically proposes for Gallery 6 of the IVAM, which has a visit she made to the Museu del Gremi Artesà de Fallers de València and the encounter of a pardoned ninot called Democracia, the work of the fallero artist José Azpeitia as its starting point.

The conversation pretends to establish an analogy between the aesthetic potential of pyrotechnic shots in sequence and the fundamentals of abstract painting, based on dodecaphonic scores. Likewise, the conversation will analyze the state of the system -personified in the ninot of Democracy- as an exercise of collective diagnosis that annually responds to the most immediate socio-political current events. This year, it is doubly suspended due to the pandemic.


Cardiograma. Lola Lasurt

29 apr. 2021 – 19 sep. 2021
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González