Conference “Beyond the Museum”

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In the present context, museums must face a great many challenges. One of the most difficult ones is that of anticipating an increasingly accelerated future that generates new and very different ways of relating. Looking ahead to the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of the IVAM, the museum wishes to reflect on what should characterise these institutions in the 21st century and to ask what their boundaries are or whether there should be boundaries.

The conference Beyond the Museum will focus on present and future relationships of museums with the agents and spaces that form the artistic ecosystem, and on promoting their integration in contemporary society.

In the conference:

  • new models of museums and organisations devoted to contemporary art will be presented,
  • the possibility of constructing new stories based on items in museum collections will be analysed,
  • there will be discussion about whether the museum can become a place for the production of knowledge,
  • questions will be asked about the best way to integrate or generate communities,
  • experiences in the development of the educational aspect will be shared.

The contents of the conference will be organised in terms of talks and round table discussions with the participation of professionals connected with museums, and it will be completed with communications, selected by means of an international call for papers, which will show the plurality of active thinking that is generating ideas and practices concerning museums.


Friday, October 19, 2018.

10:00 h.- Presentation by Albert Girona, Autonomous Secretary of Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana and José Miguel G. Cortés, Director of the IVAM.

10:30 h. – Lecture “Is the museum a bunker?” De Sjarel Ex, Director of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum

12:00 h.- Rest.

12:30 h.- Lecture “Do we need to expand the museum concept?” by Jean François Chougnet, Director of the MUCEM

16:00 h.- Communications.

  • Laura Silvestre. Universitat Politècnica de València: Influencia del IVAM en el contexto cultural valenciano. Una revisión de los espacios expositivos surgidos en Valencia hasta el 2000
  • Mª Dolores Barrena, Dalia Hernández: La construcción de relatos y colecciones [pre]Posición
  • Bàrbara Martínez: Entre el museu i la ciutat. Les Agències del MACBA
  • Haizea Salazar: Materialización de lo Intangible en el entorno museístico
  • Clara Solbes, María Roca: “Relecturas” Hacia una museología en clave de género.
  • Juan Luis Toboso: El museo como forma abierta. El encuentro como forma espacial. El conflicto como forma estética.

18:00 h. – Round Table, with Gloria Picazo, Manuel Olveira y Sergio Rubira

19:00 h.- Lecture “ Cuando los subalternos entran en el museo: contra-públicos y rebelión institucional “, by Paul B. Preciado, philosopher and curator.


Saturday, October 20, 2018

10:30 h.- Lecture “ Gallery education, coloniality and white feminity ” by Carmen Mörsch

12:00 h.- Rest

12:30 h.- Lecture “ Per_forming a museum ” by Andrea Viliani, Director of the Donnaregina Foundation for Contemporary Arts, MADRE

16:00 h.- Communications.

  • Christian Alonso, Anna María Guasch, Pablo Santa Olalla: Modos de abordar, formas de producir. Las potencialidades de la mediación cultural para el museo del siglo XXI: la experiencia de “On Mediation. Seminario de formación sobre teoría y prácticas curatoriales”
  • Nerea de Diego: Tentando otros modos de gestionar la Institución. La experiencia del Centro Huarte
  • Concepción Elorza, Arturo Cancio: Gestión en arte contemporáneo y actividad artística: desafíos y dilemas
  • Cristina Nualart: La cuarta punta del triángulo: discursos expositivos en Vietnam
  • Víctor Rabasco: Un factor educativo para la cohesión sociocultural: la colección del Museum of Islamic Art de El Cairo
  • David Serra Navarro, Carme Ortiz, Felip Vidal: Espacio integrador: prácticas y laboratorio de experiencias

18:00 h.- Round Table, with María Inés Rodríguez, Katya García-Antón and Sandra Moros

19:00 h.- Lecture “Just what is it that makes today’s institutions so different, so appealing? (after Richard Hamilton) ” by Iwona Blazwick, Director of the Whitechapel Gallery




  • Iwona Blazwick: Art critic, university lecturer and director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London since 2001. Her career has been closely linked with the British context, first as curator at the ICA and then as director of exhibitions and displays at Tate Modern, where she was responsible for the thematic organisation of the collection.
  • Carmen Mörsch: Artist, educator and researcher. She is the director of the Institute for Art Education in Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK (Switzerland). She was chief researcher for Documenta 12’s education programme. Her research work focuses on education in the museum context, understood as a collaborative critical practice.
  • Andrea Viliani: Art critic and curator. Since 2013 he has been director of the MADRE in Naples. Previously he was director of the Fondazione Galleria Civica – Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità in Trento and curator at the MAMbo in Bologna. In 2012 he belonged to the group of Documenta 13 curators that worked in Kabul and Bamiyan, in Afghanistan.
  • Paul B. Preciado, Philosopher and curator.
  • Sjarel Ex, Director of the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam (Holland).
  • Jean François Chougnet, Director of the  Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée , MUCEM.


  • María Inés Rodríguez: Ex-director Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux.
  • Katya García-Antón: Director and Chief Curator. Office of Contemporary Art Norway.
  • Manuel Olveira: Director of MUSAC.
  • Gloria Picazo: Art critic and curator of contemporary art exhibitions



Registration must be formalized through the IVAM website


The IVAM will issue certificates of attendance of 15 hours, and communication to the participants of the congress that have attended 80% of the sessions.