Cine por venir

CinemaIVAM Centre Julio González

Directors: Sonia Martinez and Miguel Angel Baixauli

The fourth edition of “Cine por venir” puts the focus on Who does and to make cinema today ?.

In 2016 we plan two events and time frames: the days (projections of Image and Word sessions), concentrated in a month, and the workshops of Action, which will cause a process of continuous work in time with the reactivation of Public come (process socio-film started in 2015).

Public to come is a line of work that understands cinema from participation, political co-production and the aesthetic work with local, which focuses on the processes in which it sits and which can potentially turn, empowering citizens and invites you to co-produce films and filmmaking in common.


Saturday, February 13: “L’oeil impératif” of María Ruido.
Dialogue: María Ruido and Johana Caplliure.

Saturday, February 20: “Arraiano”, of Eloy Enciso.
Dialogue: Eloy Enciso and Álvaro de los Ángeles
Sunday, March 6: “The future” of Luis Lopez Carrasco
Dialogue: Luis López Carrasco y Aúrea Ortíz