A tour with Salomé Moltó through the Alcoi of the collectivizations, on the occasion of the exhibition “Industria. Matrices, tramas y sonidos” (Industry. Matrices, connections and sounds)

VisitsIVAM Alcoi

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

A new activity is proposed within the framework of the projectIndustria / Matrices, tramas y sonidos, coordinated for IVAM by Lorenzo Sandoval and Tono Vizcaíno: a tour of Alcoi in the company of Salomé Moltó, to learn about some of the voices and key locations of the collectivization process for factories during the Civil War.

The suggested route is a tour of biographies that are interlinked through an urban space. On the one hand, it includes the biographies of some of the workers that took part in the collectivizing experience, who Salomé Moltó interviewed in the 1980s and 90s, which gave rise to a work of great documentary value, and on the other hand, Salomé’s own experience as a researcher and activist.

Salomé Moltó (Cocentaina) is a sociologist, a writer and is passionate about literature. In her youth, she migrated to Paris, where she studied French Language and Literature and the «Civilisation Française». Among her publications are, Retazos históricos de la posguerra 1939-1953 (2011) (Historical Post-War Fragments 1939-1953) and Alcoy (1936-1950). Socialización, colectivización y represión (2015) (Socialization, collectivization and repression). Among other publications, she has contributed to journals such as Evocación from París, Orto from Barcelona, Tierra y Libertad from Madrid, and is a member of the editorial committee of Siembra. Her works aim to promote awareness-raising and to inform on the problems that concern our society.

NOTE: in case of rain the activity will be covered in the exposure zone in the IVAM Alcoi.


Industry/Matrices, threads and sounds

28 jan. 2022 – 08 may. 2022
ExhibitionIVAM Alcoi